Dr. Deepa Vyas is everything we could have asked for in an orthodontist and more! She made us feel comfortable from day one! Dr. Deepa explained all of the problems and plans she thought would work best for our then 9 year old. She was conservative in her care, meaning she didn’t rush any of the process. She allowed our daughters mouth to grow as much as possible on its own before intervening. Every time we came in she remembered the whole family, by names, and we immediately felt at home. She has become a friend and not just an orthodontist.
— Nicole B.

Nothing but wonderful things to say about Deepa and her staff! As an adult, they have turned what could have been a difficult transition into a pleasant experience throughout my procedures. I always leave knowing where we are during this process, and without a doubt trusting that I am in good hands. Deepa’s staff is always consistent, making it easy to build a relationship with each one 🙂 I’d highly recommend Dr. Vyas’ office, and thankful that I found them!
— JD

Dr. Vyas and her crew are amazing! We successfully made it through a palate expander and stage one of braces. My daughter was terrified of having work done in her mouth (and with her tiny mouth had lots of fillings due to extreme crowding) but over the course of her time under Dr. Vyas’ care that fear seems to have gone away. Everyone was always so gentle and caring with her. Now her front teeth look amazing! Better than I thought possible. We will definitely return for more treatment if she needs it when all of her baby teeth are out and adult teeth ruptured. In the mean time, Dr. Vyas will continue to monitor her just as she did prior to getting her expander and braces on the first time.

One last perk, my little guy (now 6) also loves going with big sis to the orthodontist…to watch (appropriate) kids shows and play the guessing games they have while you wait —which was never long enough for my kids!

I highly recommend Dr. Vyas practice.
— Shanna S.

Dr. Vyas and her entire team are so wonderful – not only at orthodontics, but making you feel like family. I was pregnant and had a baby while under her care, and they sent presents for the baby to the house! That epitomizes this team – always thinking of others first. They’re also great about working with you financially. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this group. Reasonably priced, great ortho, and really personable, happy team. They’re the best healthcare team I’ve ever encountered.
— Megan C.

So happy I found this place! Dr. Deepa and her staff have been a pleasure to work with as they are all very kind, sincere and professional. Dr. Deepa specializes in Invisalign and I came to her to fix my end-to-end bite and straighten my teeth which began about 8 months ago. I cannot believe how quickly my situation improved, even by the 3rd month my teeth were looking so much better, everyone in my life was shocked by how quickly and how much they improved! I’m super excited to be finished as all Orthodontic work seems to take a while and be a little bit painful… but thanks to Dr. Deepa I believe it has been the best possible experience!
— Gemma H.

If you are thinking about getting braces, this is the place to go. Dr. Vyas is the G.O.A.T. When I go in for an appointment its less like I’m about to have foreign objects shoved in my mouth and more like I’m going to hang out with my friends. Dr. Vyas and all her staff always make me feel so welcome. Not only are they great people, but they are tremendous at their job too. When I first came in my teeth were packed tighter than two coats of paint, but now I’m mildly approachable! They are miracle workers.
— Lucas F.

I have had an exceptional experience at Vyas Orthodontists. I have been impressed by the level of professionalism, friendly staff, and prompt, courteous attention. Highly recommended!
— Kim D.

We love Dr Deepa and her staff! They’re so friendly, knowledgeable, and explain everything they’re doing so everyone’s comfortable with it.
— Elizabeth A.

I first went to Dr. Deepa almost two years ago with extremely crowded teeth which were causing me to get a lot of cavities, not to mention weren’t exactly doing me favors in the looks department.

We had the consultation and she said I would need braces for roughly two years, and invisalign was not an option. Knowing that I was an adult (28 at the time) she gave me the white ceramic braces on top, which were less noticeable. At the time I was bummed about not getting invisalign, but honestly most people didn’t notice the white brackets unless they were pretty close up. Also, if you’re wondering whether to do invisalign or regular braces, I highly recommend regular braces. They’re way less annoying when it comes to eating and drinking because you don’t have to take them out all the time.

Anyway, I stuck it out and ended up with a great smile, almost 3 months ahead of schedule. During my treatment I would go into the office about once a month to get things tightened and looked at. The team at Vyas Ortho always made things easy for me and were available if I had a problem or question. Couldn’t be happier about my experience! I highly recommend Dr. Deepa and her team.
— Ricky L.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Vyas and her staff. They are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Appointments are always on time, and you feel at ease the minute you walk through the door.
— Angel K.

Dr. Deepa is amazing and so are all of her assistants. The office is kept clean and beautiful always. They are all very friendly and so easy to talk to about anything! Both my son and I have had such a wonderful experience here and would highly suggest them for your ortho needs!!!!
— Miller

I highly recommend Vyas Orthodontics! They are so friendly and welcoming. The staff make everyone feel so comfortable and like they’ve known you for years. There never seems to be a long wait and we are always in and out in a timely manner. Besides being warm and friendly, Dr. Vyas is extremely knowledgeable and informative. Hands down this is a top notch orthodontic office!
— Angie K.

Dr. Vyas and her team are the best! We have two girls in braces and are extremely happy with the care Dr. Vyas and her staff have provided. Sydney gets her braces off in a few months and she can’t wait to see her beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Deepa. Everyone in the office is professional and personable, I would highly recommend Vyas Orthodontics.
— Kathy S.

It’s like your family here. I can’t recommend Dr Vyas and her team enough. They are absolutely spectacular!!!
— Brian F.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Vyas, her staff, and the general feeling of this place! Not only is everyone very competent, but they are also great with patients. Dr. Vyas treated both of my boys with gentleness and humor. After they got their first round of braces off I decided to get some for myself! The whole staff encouraged me and helped me take the leap. This is far more than a job for them, it’s a calling. I would highly recommend Dr. Vyas and her practice to anyone.
— Shari P.

Dr. Vyas and her team are Awesome! Super kind, gentle and would explain everything they were going to do and how everything works before preforming their work on our kiddo. Ours kids always enjoyed the Trivia and Movies when waiting for their turn. I watched them to while waiting for our son to be done. Don’t worry, they have a great magazine selection for all the readers too. :0) Highly recommend Vyas Othodontics to anybody.
— Aaron R.

Great orthodontist. Staff are exceptionally nice and good with kids. My son had an accident on a Sunday and needed emergency care, they came to the rescue and assured me coming in was necessary. Very skilled. I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended if you are looking for orthodontic care.
— Brandy B.

Dr. Vyas is wonderful and her staff are so friendly and supportive. My 3 children actually enjoy going to the orthodontist because of her practice. She is warm, friendly and listens to the kids and the parents. Our family appreciates all that she has done for our smiles!

— Anne L.

On any regular visit, Dr. Deepa and her team are amazing, friendly, informative, fun w/ great energy. My sons love visiting there! So when a family weekend Nerf gun battle (which didn’t end well) resulted in an emergency call to Dr. Deepa, she went above and beyond to assess the possible damage to the adult teeth, arranged for us to be seen first thing Monday morning for repairs/a thorough exam. She also called our dentist to arrange for same day X-Rays. Amazing as always!! She and her team truly care about each and everyone of their patients and their families!

— Kim W.

Dr. Vyas has been easy to work with and the results have been excellent with my Invisalign!

— Andrew S.

It was a complete pleasure to have Dr. Deepa straighten my teeth. As an older retired patient, I was having a problem with my teeth clashing causing them to chip. After an in-depth evaluation, Dr. Deepa quickly developed a plan and strategy to solve my problem. Her office manager Lori was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. She worked up a payment plan that was complete, concise, and reasonable. At the completion of my straightening, there weren’t any additional unexpected charges. Dr. Deepa’s technicians were very pleasant and kept me informed of my progress all along the way. I felt that Dr. Deepa and the entire office was always there for me. While as a patient, I also noticed that they were very good with children making them laugh and feel comfortable. Yes, I am recommending Dr. Deepa and her staff to anyone of all ages. Keep smiling,

— Harold C.

We love Vyas Orthodontics! Dr Deepa is very professional and very personable.

— Kathy T.

A wonderful experience for my kids with friendly staff and great service.

— Corinne O.

Both of my sons have had orthodontics treatment with Dr. Vyas. I would highly recommend her and her staff. Their service, professionalism, attentiveness, and expertise are of the highest quality. I wouldn’t trust my kids teeth with anyone else.

— Jeannie W.

My two daughters had braces with Dr. Vyas and their teeth look amazing. Both girls had significant bite issues and my older daughter Ayla started with head gear and expanders when she was around 6 years old. It was a long road for her, but the results were worth it. Highly recommend Dr. Vyas and her team. We were very happy our dentist sent us to their office.

— Laura F.

Dr. Vyas and her staff offer excellent friendly and professional service. So far I’ve had two kids through Dr. Vyas’ care and we are extremely satisfied. Dr. Vyas and her staff work seemlesly with our dentist and provide outstanding care and results.

— Rene S.

After spending many years neglecting my own personal needs and taking care of others I finally came to a point in my life where I decided enough was enough. My smile has always been something I try to hide and I’m always the one in the picture with that awkward smile (lips sealed in an attempt to hide how crooked my teeth are).

Going in to an Orthodontists office at 30 is never fun but little did I know what I was in for. Dr. Deepa and her staff are not only extremely detailed, thorough and talented but they also make trips to the Orthodontist enjoyable! Dr. Deepa and her staff genuinely care about each and every patient and I feel that’s hard to come by these days.

Dr. Deepa and her staff are always ensuring your comfort level during a not so comfortable process. It truly feels like you have a team of people who will have your back through your entire treatment. My 9 year old son is also being seen by Dr. Deepa. We actually compete over who gets to go see Dr. Deepa first. 😊

I would, without a doubt, recommend Dr. Deepa to ANYONE of ANY AGE. Her and her staff are unbelievably talented.

— Lauren W.

My girlfriend and her son both go here and have nothing but positive things to say about it! They are both encouraged with the progress that they have seen and the care in which they receive!

— Gregory K.

Vyas Orthodontics was the best Orthodontist I could have chosen for myself, I love the staff and Dr Vyas is the best. They take excellent care of their patients.

— Sharese M.

My daughter has been going to Vyas for almost 2 years and I am very happy with how her teeth are turning out (and so is she)! As a single parent, I am also very pleased with how accommodating Vyas has been with after school scheduling. I would highly recommend.

— Jared C.

Love Dr. Vyas! Would highly recommend her!

— Carmen B.

Three of my kids have gone to Vyas Orthodontics and our experience has been nothing short of excellent. Dr. Vyas and her technicians are fantastic at what they do and always strive to ensure their clients are satisfied with their experience at their office. My kids’ teeth look great! Dr. Vyas and her team made what can be a very trying, painful experience actually pleasant and rewarding. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

— Sherri R.

Dr. Vyas is an amazing orthodontist. She gave me such a beautiful smile after having corrective jaw surgery. Thank you so much and a big thanks to your wonderful staff!

— Kaela C.

As an adult patient of Dr. Vyas, I was very pleased with my experience. I had TMJ in the past and overall crowding in my mouth for most of my life. Since I didn’t have braces as a child, I tried a variety of approaches to fixing these issues. I finally realized through the process of my kids getting braces (with Dr. Vyas as well) that I needed a permanent solution. Braces as an adult can seem somewhat intimidating, but Dr. Vyas was very encouraging and worked diligently to give me the best treatment possible. I am grateful for her creativity and her ingenuity in making sure my bite was just right. The staff is amazing as well, and I always felt comfortable and well cared for. It’s a fun and easy atmosphere in the office and always on time. I highly recommend.

— Christine F.

Dr Vyas and her team are terrific! We switched from a different provider and could not be happier. They have always been great to work with and we will continue to use Dr Vyas in the future. Anytime we have had questions about treatment, they have taken their time and addressed any of our concerns. Too bad I can only give them 5 stars. Can’t say enough good things about her and the staff!

— Greg P.

If you are looking for an orthodontist for yourself (as an adult) or for your child, you can stop looking! Dr. Deepa Vyas and her staff are the answer to any orthodontic issue you might be facing. As an adult, I came to Dr. Vyas with a terrible case of TMJ. I had pain for years and my bite was so misaligned that I could only chew with three teeth total meeting. Throughout my visits with Dr. Vyas, she not only provided excellent orthodontic care, but also suggested additional support from a myo-functional therapist to teach my tongue to stay where it was supposed to, so that once my braces were off, my teeth would stay put. I really appreciated her knowledge of the latest therapies available to assist in my orthodontic treatment! In the end, my bite was aligned and my teeth look beautiful! Not only did her work prove to be top-notch, but throughout the process, her entire staff made every visit pleasurable. The office is beautiful and the equipment is top-notch and clean. I am so pleased!!

— Shannon R.

Dr. Deepa Vyas is amazing!!! So kind and gentle with everyone. The entire staff is so welcoming and nice! Dr. Deepa truly cares about her patients. I know my girls are in great hands at this office. She is very knowledgeable about Ortho. My girls absolutely love Deepa and her entire staff! Thank you for making their smiles beautiful!!

— Melisa K.

We have been going to Dr. Deepa for years and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Everyone there is so nice and compassionate and I know my daughter is in great hands. I can’t speak more highly of them and especially Dr. Deepa. Have no hesitation on giving them a try. You will have a great looking smile and feel that you have been provided the best of care and customer service!

— Lori H.

After researching several orthodontist in our area, I couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Dr. Vayas! She is not only an expert at what she does, she goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and at ease, every step of the way. She and her entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, and always smiling! Without a doubt, our entire family will be using Dr. Vayas … I highly recommend her to everyone I know!

— Amy S.

As an adult having braces for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. This office and the staff are amazing! They worked with me with timing and didn’t pressure me to get my braces on sooner than I was ready. Lori at the front desk is personable and welcoming! Lauren always makes me feel comfortable in the chair. And of course Dr Vyas is great and personable as well!
Seriously the whole staff is exceptional!

— Lori R.

We have 5 members of our family currently with Dr. Vyas and I am so happy to have her working on our smiles. She is confident and incredibly knowledgeable about orthodontics. But she is also empathetic to how her patients feel while in braces. It’s never fast enough for the patients but she guides them through the process seamlessly. Thank you so much Dr. Vyas!!

— Barbara M.

Deepa and all her staff are absolutely amazing! This was my second time with braces, and I know my last because of the excellent care provided to me. I loved the atmosphere of the office, and always felt welcome. I would 100% recommend Deepa to anyone looking for an Orthodontist!

— Emrie H.

Dr.Deepa is wonderful. She took on a difficult, long-standing orthodontic issue I have suffered from for many years. As an adult, I had sought out help, but was making no progress with previous treatments. She took on the issue directly without question. She brought fresh eyes and a new insightful perspective to correct this painful TMJ issue. She is compassionate, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. I was at a complete loss until I met Dr. Deepa. She provided me with new hope. Now, six months into treatment my issue is nearly resolved. I have full function of my bite back and I can eat normally again. It’s a miracle!!! I would give her 10 stars if I could.

— Peggy C.